Review – Closed Store with Good Prices but No Reviews is now gone – I visited the domain address but the shop can’t be reached. My instinct was to search for reviews for this website or any references to it to find out the reason why it closed, but as expected, there were none. It wasn’t really surprising at all that online drugstores like Your Generic eventually close down due to the tough competition and because of the buyers’ short attention span. Consumers like eye-catching shops with modern, functional designs, which are not really present at generic online drugstores.

I have encountered the website Your Generic (or otherwise known as Online Pharmacy) several times and I have realized that Your Generic was another affiliate marketing site. Affiliate marketing websites like this shop function as “arms” or resellers of a larger company and typically have the same appearance, content, prices, as the main website. It’s hard to tell affiliate websites from each other since they all look alike.

The Your Generic store looks exactly the same as the other affiliate marketing sites for the “Online Pharmacy” company. Like the others, Your Generic has also mentioned that it had prices up to 70% less than the local pharmacy prices – true enough, the store did have cheaper prices than most local drugstores since most of this shop’s products were mostly generic in nature. Local drugstore prices for medicines containing the same active ingredients are much more expensive and therefore were a pain for the buyers.

According to Your Generic, its most popular medications were the following:

  • Viagra: $0.87 per pill
  • Cialis: $1.76 per pill
  • Brand Viagra: $5.50 per pill
  • Propecia: $0.38 per pill
  • Zithromax: $0.57 per pill

Most of the most popular items on Your Generic were for erectile dysfunction treatment – I don’t know, there’s something about impotence treatments that most online drugstores I’ve been to include these products in their best-selling items.

Apart from the generic impotence treatments, Your Generic also had medicines for general health problems, fertility, birth control, skin care, and plenty of other medical conditions. When it comes to prescriptions, the store Your Generic did not ask its buyers to submit their Rx for their orders but encouraged the users to consult their doctors first before using any product found on the web pharmacy. Although dispensing medications without Rx is illegal, stores like Your Generic get away with it.

Shipping on Your Generic was done in two ways, regular or EMS shipping. Buyers paid for $10 to $20 for their shipping depending on their preference for the shipping speed. Payments honored at Your Generic were credit cards.

Your Generic is now inaccessible and so the shop could not be contacted even through its contact details available on the platform. Your Generic did not have independent reviews from buyers with experience purchasing from the shop, so it was difficult to determine whether the store was a benign shop or not. Reviews

Your Generic had a dedicated review site but unfortunately, the store’s on-site review section did not have any content on it. However, it appears that Your Generic did have on-site reviews before, but the reviews were just not saved on the web archive site.

While there were no comments available for Your Generic on the web, there were a few blog articles directed towards the shop and they had mixed reviews about the store. Some reviews were positive towards the store, but some were not convinced that the shop was able to provide good service to its clients. However, these reviews still weren’t able to accurately represent the Your Generic performance since these reviews weren’t from customers who were able to really use the store for actual purchases of the medications. Reviews 2018

The shop Your Generic has closed down its service before the start of 2018 so it generally did not have available buyer reviews for the present year. Because of this, it is difficult to determine whether the store was reliable or not. Reviews are supposed to help us evaluate if a shop was reliable or not and without these actual customer reviews, we can’t put a finger on the overall reliability of the Your Generic platform. Coupon Codes

Your Generic Deals
Your Generic Deals

Coupon codes for the web drugstore Your Generic did not exist when I checked the data for the shop, but the store had other deals available for its clients, like the ones in the image:

The store Your Generic has offered free Viagra pills for its consumers on their every order on the Your Generic shop. Apart from this free pills promo, the store also offered its clients free shipping for orders that are able to exceed the $200 mark. Apart from this, the shop has also offered lower prices to users that were able to order more products.


Your Generic was an online pharmacy that’s considered an affiliate marketing website. This shop was just like any common online drugstore in the market – it had mostly medicines for erectile dysfunction and had low prices for its medications. Unfortunately, this online drugstore had no reviews available, which makes it hard to discern its past performance.

Because Your Generic is now closed, it’s recommendable for consumers to look for new online pharmacies to use, like for instance, the stores included on our list of TOP Web Drugstores.