Review: Timely Delivery of Expensive Brand Medications is an online drugstore that was established in 1998 that claims to be located in Tempe Arizona, United States. However, in the FAQ section, a question is asked regarding where they are located and in the answer, says that the information will be provided when the customer will be receiving his package after placing an order. They are dedicated to ensuring that their customers get the best services and make sure that their privacy and security is maintained.

ViaMedic Pharmacy only stocks brand medications that are sourced from reputable drug manufacturers like Pfizer, GSK, and Eli Lilly, among others. It is clear that they do not deal with generic medications which mean that a customer will be forced to buy only a specific brand of medications which are more expensive. The main focus of is on the erectile dysfunction medications which are the top sellers. Viagra is one of the top sellers where a 100mg pill is sold at $95. A Cialis Pill will cost $94 which is quite pricey. It is evident that the medications at are expensive but this is because they are brand drugs. The other categories of medications that are in stock include balding medications, drugs to aid in quitting smoking, obesity medications, STD medications, allergic treatments, GERD medications, sex lubes, and skin treatment medications.

All the medications have been approved by the FDA and a verified doctor’s prescription will be required to order any prescription medication. If a customer does not have a prescription when placing his order at ViaMedic Pharmacy, he will be connected to a licensed doctor located in the United States for consultation who will issue a prescription if he is convinced that there is need to issue medications. The prescription will be sent via email or fax for faster processing of the orders. It is also required that every new customer opens an account before the processing of the first order.

There are several payment options for the medications bought at which include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Customers can also pay by use of a money order.

The shipping cost is not indicated on the website but there is an indication that there are various options when it comes to the shipping process. This can only mean that each option will be charged differently and this is why they cannot specify the cost. If a customer receives his order and for a genuine reason wishes to return the medication to ViaMedic Pharmacy, he will have to send a notification within 24 hours after the receipt of the medications. The seal on the medication should not be broken and all the paperwork, as well as the original packaging, should be in place.

To contact, you can use the toll-free number that is available at their website. It is also possible to engage the customer service team in a live chat. I attempted to get on with a live chat but the connection could not go through. You can also send your question or comment via the email address that is available on the website. Reviews

ViaMedic Pharmacy has received multiple reviews from the customers who order medications from them.

One of the customers says that the only disadvantage of buying his medications from is the price as it is too high. I guess the reason for the high price is that all the medication are brand drugs which will be sold at a high price even in local pharmacies.

Another customer says that ViaMedic Pharmacy is the best since they are able to satisfy her medical needs within the agreed time.

There is another customer who did not leave a name who says that the services at are the best. The shipping is very fast and asks what else anyone would be looking for.


Viamedic Reviews

It is evident that the only negativity that customers find when buying medications from ViaMedic Pharmacy is the high cost of the medications. Everything else regarding the customer service and the shipping is quite efficient and this is why customers keep buying from them for years. Reviews 2018

It seems that ViaMedic Pharmacy has been able to maintain high-quality services to their customers.

In one of the most recent review, Derek says that deals with brand medications and they are very fast and reliable when it comes to the shipping of the drugs. He also says that the customer service at ViaMedic Pharmacy is very friendly and helpful every time she needs assistance and as a result, she would recommend anyone looking for an online source of medications within the United States to buy from ViaMedic Pharmacy.

Another client by the name Viagra says that he has been giving a 5* rating but the recent encounter made her have a different opinion. She was linked to a certain medic who made her feel as though he was lying regarding his state of health and the doctor who issued the prescription did not know the right medications for him. According to the medical consultant, it was as if he expected him to be much sicker and in need of more medications than what was in the order. He will not be ordering from them though they have been a good company before this embarrassing incident.



Viamedic Reviews Coupon Codes

ViaMedic Pharmacy has two active coupon codes.

There is an erectile dysfunction trial pack that is available at a promotional cost of $88. No code will be required for this offer and all a customer has to do is to make a purchase and the discount will be automatically applied.

There is also another coupon code where that will enable customers t enjoy great deals on selected item. Customers who wish to enjoy the hot deals will simply look out for the items that are on offer a’s website.

Viamedic Coupon codes

Conclusion is a reliable online pharmacy that has served the residents of the United States for many years. They only deal with brand medications that are sourced from reputable manufacturers which are quite pricey according to some of the reviews from customers. Besides the high price, it seems ViaMedic Pharmacy is friendly and one that ensures all orders are delivered on time.