Review – A Pharmacy Referral Website Whose Services Weren’t Free

Contrary to what its website name has suggested, USA Meds Online was actually an online pharmacy that operated from the UK. It’s no longer in business but when it was still operational, its site acted as a gateway that the people used to find online pharmacies that sold medicines at affordable prices. Although it claimed to be the number one medicine site on the web, USA Meds Online was not an online pharmacy itself but it was a pharmacy referral service with access to the most reliable internet medicine sources. And since it has numerous online pharmacy affiliates, the medicines that its customers were able to search for on its website was as complete as those that were offered by local drugstores. What made it different from local drugstores was that the products that were on its website were priced reasonably. If the local drugstores charged ridiculous prices for their products, USA Meds Online had prices which were up to 90% cheaper. With this offer, many of its clients were able to both save and purchase big on its medicine selection.

But the access to the products and the affiliate online pharmacies of USA Meds Online don’t come for free. Only the members of its website were able to use its services and enjoy the benefits that it offered. Under USA Meds Online was a roster of legitimate and verified online pharmacies that sold only genuine and FDA-approved medicines. People who availed the membership at USA Meds Online paid a fee of $24.95 USD a month and it granted them an unlimited access to its member’s area where the list of pharmaceutical products, their prices, and the online pharmacies that sold them were located. The database that USA Meds Online had was directly linked to the network of Pharmacy Checker, a recognized company on the web that provided pharmacy certification and verification services. With the membership that USA Meds Online offered, its clients enjoyed the lowest medicine prices, 100% money-back purchase guarantee, FDA-approved medications, and 24/7 phone and email support.

USA Meds Online has already been in the business since 2002 and its operations lasted until 2015. In total, it had thirteen (13) years in the business of helping its members find the online pharmacies with the cheapest and most reliable products. As for of its closing down, no one knows the reason why. The reason might be financial, administrative, or technical but the best that we could do is guess since it left no statement on its site concerning its closure. Reviewing the history of its existence on the web, it appears that some years before closing down, USA Meds Online switched from being a pharmacy referral website to an actual online pharmacy. On its site was a neat list of pharmaceutical products with all the features that online pharmacies usually had such as various medicine categories, bestsellers, and other options. Although the switch that it made was a good kind of switch, USA Meds Online appeared to have been unsuccessful on its venture since it still had to close down in the end.

USA Meds Online Search Option
USA Meds Online Search Option

Even though USA Meds Online is already closed, its site had one of the best search options that an online medicine shop ever had. On its drug search, it had the basic search box where members were able to put it the exact names of the meds that they were looking for. Just below that box, users also had the option to choose from its existing list. And since its site was a pharmacy referral service, it also had on its search option the preferred shipping times, location of their desired pharmacy, place to ship to, and the accepted payment methods where they also had the option to choose COD or cash-on-delivery. Reviews

Sadly, there were no positive reviews on the web for USA Meds Online as customers were outraged to find out that it was not an online pharmacy but simply a pharmacy referral service. The first review was from a customer who thought that the money that she has paid was for her meds but was shocked to find out that it was for a monthly membership. The customer was named Linda and after realizing that what she paid for was the monthly membership fee, she immediately wanted out. It’s just unfortunate that Linda never came to the part where she could’ve searched its site’s database for the best place to buy her medicines from.

USA Meds Online User Reviews
USA Meds Online User Reviews

As for Brent, he claimed that he has been ripped off by USA Meds Online because after signing up, his credit card was charged but he never managed to get the username and the password that he was given to work. The customer was frustrated with the fact that he was already billed but he was still unable to sign in and the site tries again to bill him for the same charge. The site of USA Meds Online constantly asked him to update his credit information when he was already charged and for him, this was clearly fraud. Reviews 2018

USA Meds Online is already closed for years and it’s no longer possible for it to have any new customer reviews. Complaints for its website were plentiful back then but those were already years ago and the most recent date back to the year 2005. Coupon Codes

As for promotional offers, USA Meds Online had none since it wasn’t an online pharmacy but simply a referral website. The only offer that it had for its clients was the guaranteed low prices that its affiliate pharmacies have offered and the assurance that what they would get were FDA-approved drugs.


USA Meds Online was an online pharmacy referral website whose services weren’t for free. Its site was only for its members who have paid monthly membership fees. What it mainly offered was a list of licensed online pharmacies that sold FDA-approved products at affordable costs. Its site didn’t have many good reviews as many people complained about the fee that it has charged and the service that it didn’t provide. Fortunately, reliable pharmacies still exist on the web and they can be accessed through our top list of recommended providers.