Review – A Closed Online Pharmacy that Used to Sell Affordable Generics

USA Drugstore Now was a US-based online pharmacy that provided its clients with a wide selection of quality but low-priced alternatives for local drugstore medicines. The US was a country where drug prices were unregulated by the government and because of this, large pharma companies have taken advantage by making the prices of their products high. One example of this was Viagra, a popular erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drug which had an average price of $75 USD per tablet. Most people, especially those who are only of average income, were not able to afford such drug due to its very forbidding price.

But to help people with this problem, USA Drugstore Now found a way and that was by importing generic medicines from other countries and making those drugs available on its website. Generic medicines were drugs that had the same active ingredients as the branded ones only that they were a lot cheaper. USA Drugstore Now sold their generics for prices which were 90% cheaper than the local pharmacies which was to the advantage of its customers. Although these were just generics, these drugs were also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they were imported by USA Drugstore Now from GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies from countries such as Australia, UK, Canada, Turkey, India, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Viagra at $0.89 USD Per Pill
Viagra at $0.89 USD Per Pill

As mentioned earlier, the asking price that the local pharmacies had for Viagra was at an average of $75 USD per pill. This was indeed a very costly price for just a single tablet of a drug that only works for 2 to 4 hours. But at USA Drugstore Now, Viagra was only sold for $0.89 USD each and it’s a generic version of the expensive brand which had the same formulation, effects, and potency. ED brands such as Cialis and Levitra also had their generic versions sold at USA Drugstore Now and these were also sold at low prices. The generic version of Cialis was only sold for $1.53 USD each while generic Levitra was only at $1.81 USD per tablet.

On top of its very low medicine prices, USA Drugstore Now also didn’t require their customers to provide any prescriptions whenever they bought prescription drugs on its site. USA Drugstore Now allowed its customers to freely purchase their needed medications without having to provide scripts which were in a way, an additional means for its clients to save money. The owners of USA Drugstore Now knew that scripts were not easy to obtain since getting them meant that the users would be setting up appointments with their doctors and pay hefty consultation fees.

To spare its clients from such unnecessary expenses, USA Drugstore Now simply removed scripts as a requirement in buying from its website which made it a lot easier and convenient for many. But even though scripts were not a necessity in buying meds from its selection, USA Drugstore Now still recommended the users of its site to consult their doctors before using their purchased meds for their own safety. This was because prescription drugs have contraindications and side effects to be considered, and only medical professionals can give the proper guidance on how to use them properly.

Regrettably, USA Drugstore Now is no longer active as an online pharmacy and its site was closed since 2016. The reason for its closure is still unknown up to this day but many speculate that it was due to financial reasons why it decided to shut its operations down. Accessing its page from its domain name is impossible since its IP address is already disabled. Its contract with its domain provider might have expired and it simply decided to not renew its lease. Reviews

User reviews are important for online pharmacies because these feedbacks from its customers determine its reputation. If positive reviews would build an online pharmacy up and make it popular on the web, negative reviews would diminish its good standing and it would drive customers away from its site. These reviews or testimonials are commonly found on independent third-party review websites, forums, and sometimes, from within the online pharmacy itself. The ones which are commonly used in review analysis are the third-party reviews since these have the least possibilities of being manipulated or edited by the forums or the independent review pages that they’re in. On the other hand, onsite reviews are the most susceptible to being edited by the people who manage the review page of an online pharmacy to promote its own interests. Sometimes, these reviews are merely fabrications and this made onsite reviews less reliable compared to the third-party ones.

But as for, it’s strange that it didn’t have any user reviews at all. No independent review sites had any archived user testimonials for it neither did it have a testimonials section on its page where reviews from its customers could’ve been found. The problem with this is we won’t be able to determine if it was really a reliable online pharmacy before or not since there are no user reviews to base our conclusions from. But as far as review analysis is concerned, online pharmacies with no reviews are no good. Reviews 2018

If USA Drugstore Now didn’t have reviews then, all the more that its site won’t have any user reviews now as it’s already been years since it has closed down. But the past information about its site can still be checked and accessed on the internet archives where these are saved for viewing. Coupon Codes

USA Drugstore Now Freebies and Discount
USA Drugstore Now Freebies and Discount

At USA Drugstore Now, freebies and discounts went hand in hand as customers ordered large quantities of their medicines. On the image above, it’s shown that USA Drugstore Now gave free bonus pills, bulk purchase discount as well as free shipping to its clients who ordered big.


USA Drugstore Now was an online pharmacy that once existed on the web from 2013 up until 2016. It used to be a place where people bought generic drugs as an alternative to the costly medicine brands at the local pharmacies. Its medicines prices were affordable and it required its customers no scripts for its prescription meds. For online drugstores that can be trusted, check our list of top recommended providers.