Review – Affordable Medications but Shipping Cost Is High is an online pharmacy based in the United Kingdom that claims to provide its customers with a safe and a reliable source of prescription medications. Customers are also given a chance to have an online consultation with a doctor and discuss issues that they would not be comfortable discussing one on one with a medical practitioner. began its operations in 2008 and has been duly licensed to offer the services of a pharmacy.

The medications stocked have been classified into various categories which include Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction, Malaria Prevention, Hair Loss, Weight Loss, Oral Contraceptive, Acne, Stopping Smoking, Influenza, Unwanted Facial Hair, Allergy, Period Delay, Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, and Premature Ejaculation. A prescription will be required to purchase some of the medications listed on the website. If you do not have a prescription, you can pay for an online consultation where an online doctor will review your case and if he is convinced that you need the drugs, he will issue a prescription.

I checked the erectile dysfunction category to know the medications that are in stock and some of them are Generic Viagra, Sildenafil, Spedra, Cialis, Cialis Daily, Levitra, Pfizer Sildenafil, Nipatra, ED Trial Pack, Cialis & Levitra, Viagra & Cialis, Viagra & Levitra, and Trial Packs. 4 pills of the brand Viagra will be sold at $37.91 which is cheaper compared to the price of other online pharmacies.

The accepted modes of paying for the medications purchased include Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Maestro. If you wish to cancel your order, it should be done within 24 hours after placing an order.

The shipping of the medications will be carried out via standard delivery method if the order did not cost more than $45.36. If the order is above $45.36, it will not be advisable to have it shipped via this method as the compensation done will only cover an amount that is up to $45.36 in case the products are lost during the shipping. There is also an option of a Royal Mail special Delivery where the insurance issued will offer compensation for orders that will be up to $658.75.

It will not be possible to return medications and cosmetics once the order has been delivered. If for any reason the order is not delivered, you will be required to pay the shipping fee once again if you wish to have the drugs reshipped. Any other item can be returned after being issued with a return number. You will bear the cost of shipping the drugs and you will also be required to pay for an insurance cover. If you are not willing to return the medications at your cost, will arrange with a courier company to come for the products and the cost will be deducted when the refund is being processed.

To contact, you can make a call using the number 01297 639999 or use the contact form provided on the website to send a message. Reviews has plenty of reviews for the number of years they have been operating. Customers appreciate the timely delivery of their orders and the great help received from the customer service department when placing their orders.

Jane says that the website is easy to navigate and place an order. The customer service team was also very kind to her whenever she needed help with the ordering process. She says that the prices are very affordable and she will be buying from them again.

Chris is another happy customer who is sending his appreciation for the receipt of his order. He says that his products were delivered shortly after he placed his order and were very effective.

Linda D placed an order and the delivery was made the following day. He says that he will be placing another order in future and also recommends to anyone looking for a reliable source of medications online.

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Reviews that are confined to the same website as the pharmacy cannot be said to be the entire truth about how it operates. This applies to where no valid conclusion can be made from their onsite testimonials. Reviews 2018

The 2018 reviews about can be seen on their page where the customers have given a 5* rating. Customers appreciate the customer service team for their assistance when placing their orders and the timely delivery of their order.

Richard Weaver says that he is happy with the customer service for being prompt and efficient in the delivery of services. He adds that he will be placing more orders in the future and will be recommending to anyone looking for a source of medications online.

Linda appreciates the prompt and efficient services offered by She placed her order and the delivery was very fast.

To know if these reviews are indeed true, we will need a confirmation from independent review sites but since this is impossible for now, a valid conclusion will have to wait. I will keep looking for more feedback so that I can give you the actual quality of services that customers receive.

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Customers buying products from will benefit from the special discounts that are on offer.

For all orders that will be over 40 Euro, the shipping will be free.

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There are products that are on offer where a customer will pay a price that is 22% less their marked price. One of them is cow & Gate Instant Carobel 135g.

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Conclusion is an online pharmacy that sells a wide range of medications at affordable prices. The shipping is quite expensive compared to what other online pharmacies charge but there is also an option of free shipping if the order is over $46.50. The available reviews are on their website and there is no way we can know if they are from real customers. This makes it hard to know if the orders will be delivered on time and if the medications will be of the right quality.