Rxpharmacy-online24.com Review – It’s Now Gone – Better Look for Alternatives

Rxpharmacy-online24.com was a former online pharmacy that had a store name of “Pharmacy Express” and claimed to be the number one online drugstore on the web. The shop seemed to be an affiliate marketing website, which means that it was a part of a greater whole, a larger company that employs an extensive network of online shops that look the same but with different domain names. I believe this was the case with Rx Pharmacy Online 24 considering it looked similar to some of the web pharmacies I’ve been before.

This shop, Rx Pharmacy Online 24, is now closed. I confirmed this by visiting the store and being unable to access this online pharmacy even with the usual tools I use to access otherwise offline pharmacies. To get a better view of this store even if the store’s offline, I used the internet archive platform since it usually has plenty of archived information for dead websites.

Information on Rx Pharmacy Online 24 indicates that the shop was active from 2015 to 2017, but the published information on the former Rx Pharmacy Online 24 site indicated that the store was incepted in 2001. However, I could not verify if the store has indeed started its operations in 2001 or if it was just a false claim.

It appears that Rx Pharmacy Online 24 was a Canadian store due to the inferences found on the former site. Also, Rx Pharmacy Online 24 had a seal of approval from the CPA, the Canadian Pharmacy Association. Rx Pharmacy Online 24 has even provided a link to this its certification from the CPA, although it was hard to verify if the certification’s authentic or not.

Regarding the products found on the Rx Pharmacy Online 24 store, buyers were presented with the usual roster of generic treatments for a wide host of medical conditions, starting from the best-selling erectile dysfunction products to unique treatments for medical concerns like cancer, HIV, and other rare diseases. Rx Pharmacy Online 24 did not ask the consumers to provide their prescriptions for the medicines sold by the shop – well, this is something normal with online pharmacies although this is prohibited at actual ground drugstores.

There are no reviews on Rx Pharmacy Online 24 regarding the reason behind its disappearance. However, I think the shop has exited somewhat gracefully considering it had no buyer complaints about its service.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews

As expected (and frankly, it’s disappointing), there were no Rx Pharmacy third-party reviews available. Since this was the case, I had to refer to the on-site testimonials available on the Rx Pharmacy Online 24 website. Some of the on-site reviews posted on Rx Pharmacy Online 24 were the following:

Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Reviews
Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Reviews

Jason, who wrote his review for Rx Pharmacy Online 24 in 2014, mentioned that the Viagra pills he ordered were effective, even for a 61-year-old person like him.

Tim Johnson, another client, who also has had experience ordering from Rx Pharmacy Online 24, had also only good things to say about the Rx Pharmacy Online 24 shop. According to him, he’s enjoyed the same effectiveness of Viagra from the generic product he bought from Rx Pharmacy Online 24, only the meds he got from Rx Pharmacy Online 24 were so much cheaper.

Pedro D also had a good comment for Rx Pharmacy Online 24 and mentioned that the medicines he received from the web pharmacy were as advertised.

Although these reviews were so much helpful, these on-site testimonials could not accurately reflect the overall performance of the Rx Pharmacy Online 24 shop considering their origin – there’s a chance that these reviews are only biased towards Rx Pharmacy Online 24 and hence are not 100% reliable.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews 2018

The shop Rx Pharmacy Online 24 isn’t anymore online in 2018 hence its lack of reviews for the said year. However, there are still online platforms with web information for this platform, so I moved to use a domain assessing platform to check up on Rx Pharmacy Online 24:

Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Scamner Analysis
Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Scamner Analysis

Information for Rx Pharmacy Online 24 on the website Scamner.com was not so good, as though the store was still uncategorized as an unsafe store, it had several problems, according to the domain analysis:

  • Rx Pharmacy Online 24’s owner used a free email address
  • There’s no SSL certificate present for Rx Pharmacy Online 24
  • Few visitors came to Rx Pharmacy Online 24 in the past
  • Rx Pharmacy Online 24 had scam reports
  • The store was marked as spam

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Coupon Codes

Not all online pharmacies had coupon codes available for their clients, and the store Rx Pharmacy Online 24 was one of these stores. Instead, Rx Pharmacy Online 24 offered other deals for its clients, like what you can see in the image below:

Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Bonus
Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Bonus

Buyers came to enjoy the following deals on Rx Pharmacy Online 24:

  • Conditional free shipping
  • Lower per-pill costs for bulk orders
  • Free pills of choice


Rx Pharmacy Online 24 may have been a good online pharmacy before, but since there were no online records for this web pharmacy, it’s hard to determine if the buyers really were able to purchase authentic and effective medicines from the shop. Now that Rx Pharmacy Online 24’s closed, it’s best for its customers to look for other stores to consider, like stores included on our TOP Vendors list for the year.