Popular-pills.com Review – Was a Good Pharmacy for Purchasing Cheap Meds

Popular Pills was an online drugstore that existed on the web for a period of more than 4 years. Just like what its site name says, the medicines that it sold were the common ones, the popularly bought drugs by the people. Its selection of medicines was also huge for an online pharmacy, having thirty-seven (37) different medicine categories for its customers to choose from. These medicine categories included drugs which were used for treating alcoholism, cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction (ED), hypertension, HIV, arthritis, obesity, and many more. But among these categories, the one which was the most on-demand was medicines for ED. This was because Popular Pills sold ED products at very low prices and in contrast to the ED pills sold at the local pharmacies, theirs was more than 90% cheaper. For as low as $0.69 USD each, customers were already able to purchase Viagra pills on its website—a very low price that allowed them to get as much as they needed and still save a lot.

The prices that local pharmacies had were much more expensive as the same ED pills have prices that range from $70 to $90 USD each. And on top of these costly prices, these stores required its customers to provide prescriptions. But it was not so at Popular Pills. Its clients were able to freely purchase from its wide selection of prescription meds without having to provide any scripts. This allowed many people to save time as they no longer needed to pay their doctors a visit just to get scripts that will permit them to buy their drugs. Not only were the customers able to save time in buying at Popular Pills but they were also able to save money since doctor appointments were also costly. But even if this was the case, Popular Pills still recommended its customers to consult their doctors prior to using the pills that they have bought. This was to ensure their safety and also for them to use the drug with proper guidance and direction.

To maximize the convenience and ease of its customers in using its site, Popular Pills made its website very navigable and user-friendly. Their medicines were properly categorized for the quick access of the users. Its products were also arranged in an alphabetical manner for its customers who were name specific, allowing them to find their drugs by its first letter. But as a shortcut, Popular Pills also made a search box available for its customers to find their needed meds in no time. The list of its bestselling medicines was also located on the front page of its website so that its customers won’t miss them.

Customers who needed the assistance and support of Popular Pills’ customer service department regarding any questions or concerns related to its website simply called its support hotlines which were +1 718 475 9088 and +1 800 532 4808. For those of its clients who were without telephones for calling these numbers, Popular Pills also offered to communicate through email on its Contact Us page. The shoppers simply had to fill out the forms and send their concerns to its support department. They will then be receiving a comprehensive response from the support team of the site on their emails as an answer to their queries.

Regrettably, the site of Popular Pills is no longer available due to the reason that it was forcefully seized and closed down by international government agencies. This was because of the campaign that was launched by large drugstore chains and pharmaceutical companies who have started losing profit due to the increase in the number of online pharmacies that sold affordable drugs and sadly, Popular Pills was included among those websites that have been shut down.

Popular-pills.com Reviews

Concerning third-party reviews, it appears that no independent review sites offer any user reviews for it. Compared to onsite reviews, third-party reviews are more reliable since these reviews are unbiased and they show a transparent view of an online pharmacy’s service and excellence. Onsite reviews aren’t that trustworthy since there’s always a possibility that these might have just been edited or fabricated by a site for its own agenda. Nevertheless, we’ll be checking the available onsite reviews at Popular Pills since these are the only reviews that we can find for its site.

Popular Pills User Reviews
Popular Pills User Reviews

The first review was from an anonymous customer of Popular Pills who was pleased with the service and the pills that he has received from its site. He previously paid very high amounts of money for his prescription drugs when he bought them from his local GP. But after learning about Popular Pills, he was now able to get his meds at low costs.

As for the next one, the anonymous client was thankful to Popular Pills as his ordered pills have arrived with no problems. The orders also arrived quickly, just a week after that the customer placed the order.

The content of the last review was about a product that the customer purchased from Popular Pills. The pills were obviously ED pills but the user didn’t specify the brand of the ED pill that he used. The user experienced only minor side effects and apart from those, everything was good.

Popular-pills.com Reviews 2018

There will no longer be any new reviews for Popular Pills as its site has already been seized and is no longer available. Visiting its domain name will only show that it has been closed down by various international government agencies. The only way to access the remnants of its site is to look for it on the web archives.

Popular-pills.com Coupon Codes

Popular Pills Free Viagra Pills
Popular Pills Free Viagra Pills

Customers of Popular Pills also got 20 free ED pills when they purchased 100 ED pills from its selection of medicines. This was a good deal since those free pills were just like additional savings, extra pills that extended their use of their medicines.


It’s just disappointing that Popular Pills no longer exists as it was a good online pharmacy for purchasing cheap and quality generic medicines. It sold products at prices which were 90% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices and offered a good assortment of popular meds. For other online pharmacy options, customers should check our top recommended pharmacies.