Review – A Canadian Pharmacy with Great Customer Testimonials and Price is a pharmacy that has been operating on the web for approximately 17 years now. The pharmacy started its operations back in the year 2001. The drugstore is based in Canada. Pharm Store offers a wide range of medications. They have prescription drugs, over the counter medications, and pet meds.

The pharmacy only focuses on selling FDA-Approved medications. The drugstore usually offers a solution to males who suffer from impotence. has both brand medications and generic erectile dysfunction meds. I checked the prices for both generic and brand Viagra. A pill of brand Viagra will cost the buyer about $11. Generic Viagra will cost the buyer about $3.50. Note that I am saying “about” since the price for a pill of either brand or generic Viagra at will depend on the number of pills you have purchased. has a number of payment methods. These include credit cards, wire transfer, E-check, and international money order. The pharmacy appears to want their customers to pay via cashiers check, international money order, and personal check. This is because the pharmacy offers a 5% discount to anyone who uses these methods.

Although Pharm Store was not very clear about the delivery methods the store utilizes, the pharmacy indicated that the shipping would cost the buyer $19.95. The delivery time would range between 2 to 4 weeks. Buyers located in the United states would enjoy free shipping.

The pharmacy had a very responsive customer support department. They had a live chat option. After opening this service which is located on the bottom-left of their website, I managed to get a customer support agent immediately to reply to my messages. Below is the conversation I had with Alexa:

Pharmstore Live Chat

The pharmacy had other methods a buyer could use to get the help he or she needed from the customer support department. These included a phone number which is 1 800 281 8347. If calling does not work for you, you can use their email which is [email protected] The last method of communicating with the pharmacy is via their fax number which is 1 866 454 2734.

The pharmacy indicated that they did not accept returns. This is because the pharmacies they contract with will not accept any returned medications. They said if you have any concerns regarding the medications delivered to you, you can contact the pharmacy and they will help you resolve your issue. Reviews

Customer comments talk the truth. This is the reason I decided to look for testimonials. The pharmacy had thousands of reviews. More than 90% of the reviews were positive. One thing that made me consider the reviews to be the actual feelings of actual buyers is the fact that they were available on third-party sites. I have captured a couple of the reviews below:

Pharmstore Testimonials

Mario reports that she is very satisfied. The only negative thing she found while using Pharm Store is the delivery time which appeared to be long for her. Mary says she was overly impressed with the pharmacy support staff. She is appreciative of the services she got while ordering her meds at George who is an old customer says he is back to buy more meds from the pharmacy. This shows he appreciated the service he received while ordering for the first time.

The above reviews show that you will get quality services when you are buying your meds at The reviewers are pleased with the customer service department. However, one user has lamented about the slow shipping process. Therefore, if you decide to order meds at Pharm Store, you have to be prepared to wait for a while before the meds arrive. Reviews 2018

In 2018, Pharm Store does not appear to have changed. The buyers who are currently buying their meds at are still leaving positive testimonials. This means that has managed to keep offering nice services. Below are some of the comments describing what 2018 Pharm Store customers experienced.

Pharmstore 2018 User Feedback

Bonnie says that were it not for Pharm Store, he would not have found the medications he needed. Two of his medications are Tier 3 and he cannot afford them in the United States. He says that he has insurance but he still cannot afford the medications. He is supposed to pay $1,200 for one medication for a supply of 3 months. He is able to get the same medication at at a price of only $85 for a three months supply.

Stephen states that he has been treated extremely well by the agents working for The pharmacy agents were all kind, accurate, and helpful. He is thankful to the pharmacy and even wishes the drugstore prosperity. Coupon Codes

Pharm Store does not have numerous coupon codes that buyers can use. However, by simply purchasing your drugs from the pharmacy, you will get over 70% in savings on both your prescription and over the counter medications. The only coupon code available for was available on the official site. I have captured it below:

Pharmstore Coupon Code

The coupon code to use is eCheck21. This will allow you to pay 5% less. Also, paying using either Cashiers Check, International Money order, or personal check will save you 5%.


The best way to judge whether you should trust a pharmacy or not is through the use of the pharmacy testimonials. The testimonials available online prove that is a pharmacy you can trust. This pharmacy stocks both brand and generic drugs. This means that you get to choose what you would like to buy. The pharmacy has a great customer service department. I managed to reach a customer support agent promptly after initiating the live chat. One thing some of the users were complaining about is the delivery time which sometimes tends to be longer than they would like.