Review – Online Pharmacy that is No Longer Operational is an online drugstore that is currently not reachable as it seems to have stopped its operations. It seems this pharmacy was established in 2014 as it is indicated on the website and its operations went on until 2017 when the last capture was done according to the information available on the web archives. claimed to be the best online pharmacy that used to specialize in the sale of erectile dysfunction medications that were of high quality but the prices were lower. It also claimed that the generic medications that were in stock were of the same quality as the brand medications and would work in the same way. There was, however, no proof that these medications were verified by the FDA. Some of the medications would require a prescription before the order was placed.

The medications stocked were classified into Men’s Health Category which included Generic Viagra which was sold at $1.00 per pill, Generic Levitra 20mg, Cialis 20mg which was sold at $0.84 per pill, Cialis 40mg, Cialis 60mg, Kamagra, and Kamagra Oral Jelly. Customers who needed to use brand medications like Viagra and Cialis would have to look for another online pharmacy. The other categories included Women’s Health, Quit Smoking, Anti-Anxiety, and Trial Pack ED.

The accepted means of paying for the drugs included Visa, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. Customers were allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after the order was placed. It was required that a customer who wished to cancel his order should contact the customer service team via email or make a call.

Once the order had been processed, several shipping method, were used to carry out this task and the charges have not been specified though it is claimed that customers who would place an order that was over $150 will have their medications shipped free of charge.

If in the course of the delivery of the medications they were lost, damaged or th wrong medications were delivered, would reship the order without asking for extra payment from the customer. It seems there was no option of a refund if the medications were lost as it has not been indicated. Customers who were not satisfied with the working of the drugs delivered were also given a chance of returning the medications as long as they have not used more than 1 pill. The medications were to be sent back to within 7 days from the date the order was received. Once the medications are received, a refund would be processed via the method that was used in the payment.

Customers who wished to contact would use the Skype number +13474804257 or use the contact form to draft a message which would be forwarded to the support team. It was required that customers provide an email address so that a response could be sent within a period of 24 hours once the message was received. There was also a live chat option that customers could use to ask questions directly to a support staff and get answers as soon as the queries were submitted. Reviews

I was curious to know what the customers were saying and came across some testimonials on the official website that talked highly of the services of Customers were happy that they were able to get genuine medications that were sold at affordable prices. They also appreciated that the prices of the pills were affordable compared to prices of similar medications in other pharmacies.

Dale F Rodgers from Los Angeles says that he distrusts online pharmacies but it is not the case with He used to purchase Viagra from them and the order was always delivered on time. He adds that the pills used to be very effective.

Bill Morgan was also a happy customer who says that the cost of his medications was great. Though his order took 3 weeks to be delivered; he says that it was worth as the pills were very effective. He had promised to place another order in the future.

James Patrick from San Diego says that he purchased Kamagra from and found it very effective. He also said that the prices were very low and the shipping was free and fast as well. He recommends Kamagra to anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction and also says that they should buy the pills from as it has the best products that will be sold at the lowest prices.

Pharmacyglobalrx Reviews

The reviews that one will get from a site that is under the control of those who run an online pharmacy are always positive and the reason for this could be that they filter the reviews so that only the positive ones are posted. This kind of eviews cannot be relied on when checking how efficient an online pharmacy was when it came to keeping its promises to their customers. Reviews 2018

Since is no longer operational, it is impossible to get any current reviews. The only information available is some blog posts which have not been submitted by real customers and are irrelevant in this matter. Coupon Codes used to offer their customers a number of discounts every time they placed an order.

Pharmacyglobalrx Discounts

For all purchases that were over $150, the shipping would be done free of charge.

Pharmacyglobalrx Discount on Payment by eCheck

Customers who purchased more than 60 pills will get a 10% free pills on their purchases. For instance, a customer who purchased 60 pills would get 6 free pills.

Customers who paid for their purchases via eCheck would get a 20% discount which amounted to great saving.

Customers who purchase ED offer pack would pay a discounted price of $70 for 10 Cialis Pills, 10 Kamagra Pills, and 10 generic Viagra pills.

Pharmacyglobalrx ED Offer Pack

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that used to have a limited number of medications in stock which had not been approved by the FDA. The prices for these medications were affordable and customers would benefit from free shipping and other discounts every time they placed an order. Due to the lack of independent reviews, however, it is impossible to know if this was a legitimate pharmacy or a scam website. You can use our list of Top Web Drugstores if you need to purchase cheap and effective medications that are approved by the FDA.