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Partner Pharmacy is a UK-based online pharmacy that only sells a limited number of products. Unlike the wide product selection that local drugstores and other online pharmacies have, Partner Pharmacy only offers a few medicine categories; sexual health, women’s health, travel health, pain relief meds, and lifestyle medications. Under the sexual health category, Partner Pharmacy sold medications for the treatment of conditions such as erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), vaginal thrush, and sexually transmitted infection remedies. The medicines which are under its women’s health category include contraceptives, morning-after pills, period delay pills, and menopausal disorder meds.

For its next medicine category which is travel health, what Partner Pharmacy sells are medicines for treating malaria, influenza, and jet lag. Under its lifestyle medications, customers will find treatments which are used for hair loss, hair removal, acne meds, and smoking cessation products. The meds which are under its pain relief category are drugs like Zydol, Tramadol, Dihydrocodeine, Solpadol, and many others. Buyers shouldn’t expect to find other medicines at Partner Pharmacy as its site has only focused in selling medicines which are frequently bought. Partner Pharmacy offers its site to its customers as a quick access to on-demand medicines, a place where they can conveniently order their medicines from home or work and have their orders delivered to their location.

The good thing about Partner Pharmacy is that customers can freely purchase their needed medicines on its website without having to provide any prescriptions. Buyers can purchase the prescription medicines that they need from its selection without worrying about costly and time-consuming doctor appointments just to get scripts. Because of this, many of its customers were able to save great amounts of time and money; unlike buying at local drugstores where scripts are always required on top of the costly medicine prices. Concerning the cost of the medicines that it sells, Partner Pharmacy didn’t give its customers a promise that the medications that they will be getting are cheap. This is because what Partner Pharmacy sells are branded medicines, genuine and clinically tested drugs coming from popular drug manufacturers. Buyers may get their medicines from Partner Pharmacy at slightly lower or similar prices to the ones which are sold at the local drugstores but their advantage is that they are not required to provide any scripts whenever they will be ordering prescription drugs.

In the place of prescriptions, Partner Pharmacy substituted it with an online consultation on its website where the customers will be speaking with a medical professional through chat and just fill out some forms. This form will then be reviewed by the site’s highly qualified and registered prescribers and will either be approved or rejected based on the information that was given by the customer. But once approved, the medicines will then be dispensed by Partner Pharmacy and send them once the payment comes through. The good news is that this online consultation is free of charge and customers need not pay Partner Pharmacy for the service as it’s more than happy to offer this service without any fees.

Compared to the delivery service that is offered by other online drugstores, Partner Pharmacy is impressively different. It guarantees its customers that they will receive their orders the next day and that there will be no shipping charges for them to pay. Yes, the delivery of orders at Partner Pharmacy is for free and its customers only need to wait for 24 hours before their purchases get delivered to their address. Sadly, Partner Pharmacy only sells meds to European clients and nowhere else. Due to the limitations of its delivery service, it can only ship products to European destinations. Customers from the US and the rest of the world won’t be able to buy their medicines at Partner Pharmacy as it’s only exclusively catering to customers from Europe. Reviews

A customer of Partner Pharmacy named Barry Haslam gave the site a score of 4 stars for the very efficient service that he has received. He made no specific mention as to what medicines he has ordered or about how the meds worked after he has used them but he praised the strong communication that was established between him and the customer service as well as the “fantastically” quick delivery of his orders.

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The score that was given by Dominic, the next customer, was a perfect 5 out of 5 stars for Partner Pharmacy because of its great overall service. He had a very easy time using its site and also appreciated its selection of products. The means that he has used for contacting its customer service department was email and phone and on both means of contact, he received equally quick responses. Dominic was honest when he said that the great number of questions that must be answered in the consultation form was time-consuming but he understands how important those questions were for him to be able to order his prescription meds. The meds that he has purchased came through the next day and he also noticed how well the products were packaged to prevent damage during the shipment. Reviews 2018

The review above was given by a user named “semra” to Partner Pharmacy back in January 11, 2018. The user gave the site a 5-star score, saying that it is the quickest when it comes to delivering orders. His purchases got delivered the next day that he has ordered them, saving him a lot of time.

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Partnerpharamcy Free Next Day Delivery

Partner Pharmacy might not have offered discounts and freebies to their customers but it has offered something equally significant—a free-of-charge next day delivery. Next-day deliveries are rarely offered by online pharmacies, let alone offer it for free. This offer of Partner Pharmacy not only allows its customers to save time but money as well since this kind of delivery service is costly.


Partner Pharmacy is a good online pharmacy to shop and buy meds from as it sells quality prescription medicines without asking its customers for scripts. In the place of prescriptions, its clients only have to fill out consultation forms that will be reviewed by its registered and qualified prescribers for approval. This service is offered by the site for free as well as their next-day delivery service. For other reliable online medication sources, check our top recommended providers.