– Trusted Drugstore with Decades of Service is a well-loved favorite among the online pharmacies on the web today. Although it is not as “modern” as one would expect, it is definitely one of the best stores to use for generic products considering its robust drug line-up, cheap prices, and guaranteed authentic medications.

According to the web information on Online Rx, it started its operations in 1997, giving the shop decades of service under its belt. Compared to the average online drugstore with a lifespan of only a year, Online Rx demonstrates stability and consistency, two traits visibly lacking in shops which are present now and gone a few months later.

Most of the products offered by Online Rx are generic, although the store also has brand name items for products which do not have cheaper generic counterparts. Samples of items available on Online Rx include medicines for the following medical conditions:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Pain

Both prescription and non-prescription items are sold by Online Rx, although the store is not keen on consumers sending in their Rx for the items. Based on t Online Rx information, it does not sell medicines categorized as scheduled substances or habit-forming, which means that all medicines found on the platform are non-life-threatening and are safe to purchase even without prescriptions. However, consumers are highly encouraged to consult their doctors first before they purchase medicines from Online Rx to ensure safety.

I think Online Rx has one of the cheapest prices for buyers online – imagine, the store only sells otherwise too expensive Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra for only $0.27, $0.68, and $1.00 respectively. Compared to the nearly $100 per pill each of these erectile dysfunction products, Online Rx provides a more economical alternative.

Concerning the payments, Online Rx is accepting credit card payments via MasterCard and VISA and does not impose any additional charge for buyers of the shop. Other charges on the store include shipping, which is only $10 for all orders which are less than $200.

Due to the nature of the items sold by Online Rx, the shop is not allowing returns of dispensed items. However, consumers may avail of refunds or ask for reshipments in case of incorrect, lost, or damaged orders.

For additional questions for products on Online Rx, consumers may use the messaging function on the site or use the numbers on the website to communicate with Online Rx customer support team. Reviews

Online pharmacies are typically left without reviews, but the Online Rx store had positive reviews from its consumers because apparently, the shop was able to perform excellently in the past years. Here are some reviews for Online Rx found on the web:

Online Rx Testimonials
Online Rx Testimonials

Online Rx consumers were pleased with the shop’s service and did not hesitate to craft excellent reviews for the platform. According to one Smith S, Online Rx gave him a good shopping experience – although he did not elaborate on his review, it appears that Smith would want to order from Online Rx again.

Dorothy, on the one hand, appreciated the store’s responsive customer service team, as well as the store’s excellent prices.

Samuel praised Online Rx efficient shipping and its order updates. He even mentioned that he’s been a regular of the shop for years. Reviews 2018

More recent reviews for Online Rx reveal that the consumers were happy with their purchases from the website. Buyers were generally very well-pleased with their orders from the store, hence their praises for the shop in their comments.

Online Rx Customer Testimonials
Online Rx Customer Testimonials

According to Erika, from Germany, prices of products from Online Rx were cheap. Sophia, on the other hand, elaborated how she was impressed with Online Rx’s courteous customer support team. According to her, Online Rx was able to provide kind service with excellent products, which was unlike other online drugstores in the market. She intends to use Online Rx indefinitely. Coupon Codes

Online Rx is rather generous, as the store offers a special coupon discount for all customers, regardless of their order sizes. Here is the special code from Online Rx:

Online Rx Discount Code
Online Rx Discount Code

Customers need to key in the discount code upon checkout (the code is VC-2020) to avail of an extra 10% off their orders. Apart from the code, though, the store is also offering other discounts, such as the following:

Free Shipping and Free Pills at Online Rx
Free Shipping and Free Pills at Online Rx

Free shipping is also given to buyers with orders of more than $200 and buyers are also granted freebie pills regardless of order size. However, buyers with more orders are given more freebie pills to consume, given their larger orders.


Online Rx is a web pharmacy that offers a wide range of products for its worldwide consumers. Compared to the typical online drugstore, this shop has cheap prices and offers reliable brands for consumers to use for their medical conditions. Prescriptions are not required, so buyers may order freely from the shop as they wish. All in all, Online Rx is a good choice for an online drugstore, especially for buyers looking forward to maximizing the value of their money through medicines. I recommend using this web pharmacy to consumers willing to take a risk buying online.