– One of the Best Places for Affordable Meds on the Web has been around for years and has become one of the go-to places of consumers for low-cost medicines. This store operates under the name of Canadian Pharmacy, primarily because it is stationed in Canada and is licensed under the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. group. According to the information found on Online Pills, the store has started its operations in 2001, making it by far one of the oldest online drugstores in the market.

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Consumers are not required to provide their Rx whenever purchasing items from Online Pills. However, the shop encourages the consumers to consult their doctors before taking any chance on a new drug. However, even if buyers may purchase items from Online Pills without prescriptions, consumers can rest assured that they are purchasing safe products considering Online Pills does not sell any illegal product (like narcotics or scheduled medicines).

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  • Viagra: $0.27 per pill
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  • Xenical: $0.79 per pill

I think even if these products are already accessible at local drugstores, Online Pills still did a great job listing these items in their lowest possible prices. This helps consumers maximize their savings using the shop Online Pills for their purchases.

Shipping isn’t free at Online Pills, but the store is offering pleasant rates for the buyers. For instance, Online Pills offers its regular shipping for only $9.95 per order regardless of the destination country. On the other hand, buyers can avail of the more expensive option (express) which costs roughly $20. Consumers can maximize this express option if in case they are willing to pay for a higher price to expedite the shipping.

Regarding payments, Online Pills is accepting credit card payments from VISA and MasterCard.

Refunds and product replacements are allowed on Online Pills, but the store does not allow returns due to the nature of the products sold by the shop. For more questions, consumers can contact Online Pills’ support team via the numbers posted on the store. Reviews

The reception for Online Pills was generally great – customers loved the store enough to leave it with reasonable reviews on the web. Here are several reports from loyal buyers of the store Online Pills:

Online Pills Reviews
Online Pills Reviews

According to Leeroy, from Italy, he’s been ordering from Online Pills for years and has consistently received his order from the shop. He mentioned that he did not have to wait for his orders to arrive. He uses Online Pills to save more considering the costs of the products sold by the shop.

Charles also commended Online Pills’ decent prices for its medications. He even cited that Online Pills had freebies for him whenever he ordered. Like Charles, Jessica also appreciated Online Pills’ affordable prices. Reviews 2018

More positive reviews for Online Pills exist for 2018, as consumers were generally happy with the outcome of their orders from the online drugstore. More buyer testimonials for the shop include these comments from satisfied clients:

Online Pills Reviews
Online Pills Reviews

According to Jacob, Online Pills offered him efficient service. He initially had a concern with regards to placing an online order at Online Pills, but the shop representatives assisted him with his concern.

Alex, on the one hand, mentioned that Online Pills gave him updates for his orders, unlike other stores that appear unconcerned about their customers’ orders.

Mark attested to having received his order from Online Pills. According to him, his orders arrived in an average of 10 days and were all in good condition.

All in all, customer reviews for Online Pills for the present year were still as impressive as the old customer reports for the shop. Coupon Codes

Although consumers won’t be able to find coupons at Online Pills, the shop has other deals for its clients. For instance, the store runs a free shipping promotion for customers with orders >$200 and also assigns free pills to its consumers regardless of their order amounts:

Online Pills Promos
Online Pills Promos

Besides the aforementioned discounts, Online Pills is also granting an additional 10% off the buyer purchases when their orders exceed the $200 mark.

Conclusion may not be the prettiest shop in town but it certainly is one of the most efficient and budget-friendly. While products on Online Pills are cheap, the store ensures that all of its items are FDA approved and safe to use by consumers. I think this store is a good choice for generic medicines considering the affordability of its products, hence my endorsement to use this store for your drug purchase.