Natural Stress Relief Remedies

Stress: we all know and hate that feeling. The tension headache, the restlessness and the knot in the stomach are the most common symptoms of stress we all have felt at some point in our life. Some studies even claim that more than 90% of all illnesses are stress related. What we know for sure is that stress can make any autoimmune disorder worse. The outside world can really cause pressure on all of us mentally, emotionally and physically. The older people get, the heavier the impact of stress can be on a person’s mind and body. Although it might seem like there’s nothing you can do to manage stress, you’re wrong. If you’re not a fan of drugs and medications, read the article that follows and find out more about the natural stress relief remedies.

First of all, you need to experiment a little in order to find out what works best for you. For example, physically active people feel less stressed and anxious. There are a few answers behind this theory, one being that regular exercises increase the norepinephrine level – a chemical which is of a big help for the brain when a person needs to deal with stress. Therefore, for starters, you should spend half an hour exercising daily. Whatever you do, stay positive and make sure you are always concentrated on good things in life. Speaking of natural stress relief remedies, we cannot but mention to try an exercise for deep breathing, i.e. inhale through your nose for a count to ten, make sure you hold your breath for six seconds, and exhale for a count of twelve.

There are several herbs which are used as common natural stress relief remedies, like Valerian Root, Chamomile, Kava Kava, Peppermint and Lavender. You can buy these extracts in a form of tablets, or you can buy herbal teas. However, not all these herbs are safe for long-term use. According to many studies, prolonged consumption of some of these herbs might contribute to liver toxicity problems. Before you try any anxiety herbal medicine, it is recommended to consult your doctor in order to ensure that the herbal medicine treatment you are planning to try is effective and safe and will not negatively affect any other medication you might be taking.

Final Words on Natural Stress Relief Remedies

There are some coping strategies that might temporarily reduce stress, but you must be very careful because many of them can cause more damage. Those strategies are smoking, under-eating or over-eating, drinking too much alcohol, sleeping too much, using drugs or pills to relax, procrastinating, withdrawing from activities, family and friends, and taking out your stress and anxiety on others. Due to the fact that every person has a personal response to stress, there is no such thing as “one size for all” solution. That’s why you need to focus on things that make you feel calm. Yoga and meditation are also some of the natural stress relief remedies you should have in mind.