Review: Despite Having A Rocky Start Still Attracts Customers is an e-dispensary with a tagline that says ‘trusted advice, trusted price.’ On their page, they have claimed that they are one of the most trusted online pharmacies on the World Wide Web. This might be true as this company has been operating for the last 17 years. A company that started in 2001, we can say that My Pill Rx won’t last if they are not trusted by their customers.

We were unable to find information as to where this store is located or operating from. On their main page, the medicines they offer are divided into five categories. They have smart drugs, pain relief drugs, men’s health, women’s health, and general health.

For women’s health, they offer sexual pills that can enhance a woman’s libido, just like ED drugs for men. They offer Lovegra, Fosamax, Ladygra, and female Viagra. Under the men’s health category, you can find medicines such as Generic Viagra, Aurogra, Kamagra, Caverta, Suhagra, Penegra, Generic Levitra, Generic Cialis, Snovitra, and Zenegra. A generic Viagra costs $0.69 per tablet while a generic Levitra costs $0.81 per tablet. A generic Cialis is also offered for the same price as generic Levitra.

The payment methods accepted by include credit card (Visa and Discover only), Bitcoin, eCheck, MoneyGram, and the Western Union. offers a 100% refund policy. Among the conditions where they validly issue a refund include late delivery of the order, delivery of the wrong order, the order was delivered in a wrong address, the received order is damaged, and if you cancel your order within 24 hours. If you are not going to opt for a refund, you can have your order reshipped free of charge.

If you have concerns or queries, you can contact Mypillrx thru their contact us page or dial 61-075-660-6468 (Australia customers only), 44-020-3290-5374 (UK customers only), and 852-8197-2586 (Hong Kong customers only). Reviews

Having customer reviews is great for your business if the reviews are positive. If you are raking in negative reviews, chances are, you will be closing your business anytime soon. Such is the power of customer reviews especially for online businesses hence online stores strive to get positive reviews all the time. As for My Pill Rx, here are some of the reviews we found from their customers in the last years. Unfortunately, we only found negative reviews also for this online pharmacy.

Mypillrx Reviews

Jimmy’s review was the first customer testimonial we found for My Pill Rx. Jimmy seems to be angry and disappointed because the drugs he received from mypillrx didn’t work. He said he took it and never felt any changes. When he called the customer support team of the store, he said no one is picking. Because of his negative experience, Jimmy’s advice to potential buyers is to look somewhere else.

Another review for mypillrx was shared by abcman. According to abcman, his order was confirmed and his card was charged. He was given a tracking number but upon trying to track his order, the tracking number was invalid. He tried to send the store an email inquiry but received no reply.

These two user reviews are classic examples of negative reviews that can surely impact future buyers. With such reviews circulating online, we decided to check for newer customer reviews. If mypillrx has new reviews, it means that they still have customers that believe in them. Reviews 2018

Perhaps used their past reviews as a way to improve their service and the products they are offering. After checking the internet for newer reviews, here are what we found.


Mypillrx Review 2018

A 4 out of 5 stars review for Mypillrx was shared by Jimbo430. It is not a perfect score but it is a positive one. The ratings were in terms of service, pricing, quality, and delivery. According to Jimbo430, he received a good product at a very affordable price.

The second review we fund was shared by mowery48. He gave a rating of 4.5. He said he had been ordering Provigil from Mypillrx and he was thankful for this website because of the affordable medicine. He said the quality of the drug he receives since he started ordering from them is excellent.

In his long review, mowery48 defended himself for saying good things about He even said that he might be called a scam because of the numerous bad reviews of the website in the past. Still, mowery48 insisted that he is a legit customer with a legit positive experience.

With the positive reviews from Jimbo430 and mowery48, we can safely assume that Mypillrx has probably improved its service and changed for the better. This could be their way of saying that they can still improve their service and that they are worth trying as an online pharmacy. Coupon Codes

There are currently no coupon codes that can be used for any order. A quick check on their website revealed that the store does not have any promotions going on at the moment.

Conclusion is perhaps one of the pioneers in the online pharmacy business. Since they started in 2001, this 17-year old pharmacy has already experienced a lot in this business. We are impressed that from having a number of negative reviews they went on to have positive ones in the past few years.

Despite having a bad start, we are impressed that this online pharmacy was able to sustain their business. To date, they are one of the few e-dispensaries that offer a list of medicines for women such as Lovegra, Fosamax, and Ladygra. In terms of pricing, we can say that they offer some of the friendliest prices as well especially for ED medicines.