Review: Get Your Medications Delivered to Your Doorstep is an online pharmacy that has been in operation since 1999 whose physical location is in Mexico. prides itself as a trusted supplier of generic and brand medications which are delivered without breaking the seals put in place by drug manufacturers.

Unlike other online pharmacies that display the top-selling medications at their homepage, displays their latest listing which could be a way of creating awareness that the drugs are not in stock and customers can start placing their orders. Some of the latest listings include Arimidex Anastrozole 1mg, Propulsid Cisapride Kinestase 5 mg, Effexor XR Venlafaxine 150mg, and Enalapril Renitec Vasotec Glioten Nalabest 10mg, among others. Viagra is also in stock and a customer will be able to buy 4*50mg tablets at $123.94. A 20mg Cialis Tablet will be sold at $53.11. does not require a prescription for the processing of all orders and will simply dispense what has been ordered. As a result, customers are advised to be sure of the medications they are purchasing before contacting The reason behind this is that there is no pharmacist who will be able to offer any medical advice regarding the medications bought.

To pay for the medications purchased at, you can choose to use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, eCheck, or Money Gram. It is advisable to confirm the order before submission as no changes will be accepted once the payment has been successfully processed.

The shipping of medications will be done via express mail only which will be charged $24.95. You should be able to receive the medications within 30 days after the payment has been processed. I am not sure if ships to other destination besides the United States as they have only stated that the $24.95 is the cost of shipping to the US. will refund the value of the medications ordered if the package not delivered. If, on the other hand, you are called to pick your package and you fail to do this, the drugs will be shipped back to To get the medications back, you will have to pay an additional shipping fee of $24.95. does not accept any returns once the medications have been shipped which they say is a security check for people buying medications online. However, if makes a mistake and delivers the wrong medications, a 100% refund will be issued.

To contact, one can make a call using the number that has been provided or send an email through the emails addresses that are displayed on the website. Reviews

The reviews that have been submitted by customers who have purchased medications from are both positive and negative.

Medsmex Customer Reviews

Crunz says that he had an amazing experience with and he has nothing to complain about. He was treated with utmost respect and his order was delivered within 14 days and the drugs were exactly what he had ordered. He was contacted to wire the money for the medications and even before the transaction was completed; the shipping had already been initiated. He adds that surpassed his expectations and as a result, he will become a return customer. He also recommends to anyone looking for a reliable source of medications online.

Medsmex Reviews
Medsmex Reviews

Another client by the name Erinandy says that he ordered Mebendazole and instead of getting the right medications, he received Metronidazole which is a very different medication that is used to treat separate medical conditions. She made an attempt to contact to get an explanation but no reply was forthcoming. As a result of this mistake that was not rectified, he says that he will not be buying any more from MedsMex and would not also recommend them to anyone.

Mexmed Reviews

JDice says that she does not understand what the complaining is all about. She has been getting her medications from for the past 10 years and her orders are always delivered on time. She also argues that the customer service always responds to her emails and her questions are answered satisfactorily. She advises that anyone who wishes to order from should give an allowance of four weeks for the drugs to be delivered. To confirm that she has no problem with, she placed another order on the day she wrote the review. Reviews 2018

The recent reviews regarding the services that are offered at are positive.

Natisha Cooper says that she has been buying medications from for the past few years and has never been disappointed. The services are quite fast and the customer service team is also very responsive. There is a wide variety of medications for customers to choose from which are very effective. She recommends to anyone seeking a reliable online pharmacy.

Mary Louise says that she has also bought medications from for a number of years and she has enjoyed excellent services. The medications are always of the best quality and she has never been disappointed. She gives a five-star rating for the safe and reliable services.

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For every purchase that a customer will make, a 10% discount will be applied.

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Conclusion is well known for the supply of effective medications at affordable prices. The only complaint that has been submitted by customers is a poor response to complaints and the mixing up of medications when processing the orders. Besides this, the customers will enjoy cheap prices for effective medication that will be delivered to their doorstep. Since there is no pharmacist to offer advice on medications, customers are advised to consult their doctors before placing the order to ensure that they will only buy the right drugs. One of the customers has been purchasing from MedsMex for the past ten years and he says that he has no intention of looking for another source. It seems that the medications are original.