Review: UK Source of Generic Indian Medicines is an e-dispensary that offers generic Indian medicines. Despite the fact that the drugs they offer and shipped are Indian drugs, this e-store is actually based in the UK. Their office address is Greenhouse, Gibb Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

This e-store offers medicines that are certified by the Indian Food and Drug Administration and they are supported by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization. This company is ISO 9001 certified and when they send a drug, it always comes with a Certificate of Analysis to prove its efficacy and safety.

The medicines offered by consists of different brands of erectile dysfunction drugs. Among the popular brands of ED medicines they offer are Avana for $3.62 per pill, Cenforce for $0.60 per pill, Cialis for $1.30 per pill (generic), Cialis Black for $1.11 per pill, Eriacta for $1.31 per pill, Female Cialis for $1 per tablet and Female Viagra for $1.89 per tablet. They also offer other Indian ED brands such as Kamagra, Forzest, Flidena, Intagra, Silvitra, Red Viagra and Silagra. A quick tour on their website reveals a long list of generic ED medicines being produced in India. As mentioned, these are Indian FDA approved.

Paying for your order can be processed with a credit card. To date, a credit card is the only mode of payment accepted by India Generic. For shipping, they use FedEx, Aramex, and DHL in the US and International Air Mail in other parts of the world. Trackable EMS shipping is also offered. Depending on the number of orders and destination, the rates can be from $35 to $105 for EMS Courier and the standard $10 for Air Mail shipping. Air Mail shipping can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered plus the regular days it takes to process the order. If you will use Air Mail, give it at least 30 days. For EMS shipping, it usually takes up to 8 days for the order to be delivered.

All orders are subject to guaranteed delivery hence in case of missing or lost orders, you should report it immediately and contact the support team. Their numbers are `1-800 532 4808, 1-718 475 9088, and 44-203 011 0241. They also have a live chat team that can assist you any time of the day. Reviews

Are customer reviews important? According to a study, at least 90% of consumers reading a customer review will eventually make a purchase if they see positive reviews of a website, a store or of a product. With this in mind, we checked the reviews of to determine if their reviews are enough to persuade us in trying this e-store.

Indiageneric Reviews

A 4-star review from Simon in 2012 showed that Indiageneric is a reliable store. Simon said he was a returning customer and that he was happy that his card was not compromised at all. He also testified that the medicines delivered by India Generic are really from India. He gave the e-store a rating of four out of five.

Indiageneric Reviews

In addition to Simon’s review, we also found some old customer reviews from Jasper and Eric.

Jasper said that he received his orders and he was happy to find it just like he pictured it to be. He said he can now use an ED tablet anytime he needs it because of the price. As for Eric, he praised this e-dispensary for being well-run. His order was delivered earlier than expected. Because of his satisfying experience, Eric said he recommended this e-store to his friends.

It is important to take note that the third-party reviews we found are mix (negative and positive) while the on-site testimonials are purely positive but they are not so valuable as the seller owns them. Reviews 2018

For their newer reviews, we found these testimonials shared by Jack, Matthew, and John.

Indiageneric Reviews 2018

Jack shared that his order arrived and after using it, he and his wife were too delighted and satisfied. He added that the drugs he received worked too well. Jack had the same experience saying that he received the order ahead of time. The effectiveness of the drug he ordered was unquestionable. Matthew had the same experience saying that his order arrived early and the effect was also undeniable.

These three men who ordered erectile dysfunction drugs from India Generics shared very inviting stories that men with ED will surely find alluring.

To sum it up, these newer reviews of India Generic are also from their testimonial page which we cannot rely on because it is owned by the e-store. For this reason and based on their old reviews from third party websites, we can say that this e-store is okay but not a great place for refilling your online prescription. Coupon Codes

Indiageneric Perk has not released any coupon codes that their customers can use during an order.

What they offer is a perk that allows all customers to receive free pills in every order. It means that if you order 10 pieces of Viagra, you will get 14 in your package. This is very enticing because it means saving a few dollars. If you order at least 60 pills, you can get 10 bonus pills and if you will order at least 100 pills, you will get 20 bonus pills.

Conclusion is an internet drugstore that offers Indian generic medicines. These generic ED drugs they offer are manufactured in India and are shipped directly from India. The main office of Indiageneric is in the UK but their fulfillment center is in India. This is the reason why it takes some time for orders to be delivered. Although orders are coming from India, most consumers said that they received their orders.