Grinh.Com Review – A Pharmacy with Great Customer Testimonials and Nice Prices

Grinh.Com is a web drugstore that has its location in Canada. This pharmacy provides a wide range of medication. The store strives to make sure that any buyer who visits the sites gets what he or she needs. has been in operation since the year 2001 according to its copyright section. However, according to what I saw on the pharmacy tagline, it looks like the drugstore was established back in 1997. The tagline states that Grinh.Com has been the number 1 drugstore since the year 1997. This is true based on the customer testimonials I found on the site.

The pharmacy catalog is extensive. I counted a total of 27 medication categories. Some of the medication categories include diabetes, erectile dysfunction, depression, heart disease, birth control, Asthma, hair loss, and more. The store offers males a chance to gain their potency cheaply. The pharmacy sells both generic and brand Viagra. A pill of generic Viagra will cost $0.27 while brand Viagra is worth $2.56 a pill.

Grinh.Com only offers FDA approved medications. I could not locate any controlled medications on the website. The pharmacy accepts payment via credit cards. The two credit cards accepted by Grinh.Com are Mastercard and VISA.

Both the shipping time and cost will depend on the type of shipping I select. I found two types of shipping on the site. These are the Airmail shipping which will cost $9.95 and take 2-3 business weeks and EMS shipping which costs $19.95 and takes 3-8 business days.

Although did not have a live chat option, the pharmacy had a contact page where the buyer can send an email and receive a reply within a period of 24 hours. I also found 2 phone numbers on the site. The numbers are +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092. I dialed both numbers and I was able to reach the customer support department quite easily.

Grinh.Com provides refunds. Also, the pharmacy states that they accept returns if I received defective meds. They also ship a replacement for free. To return a package, I have to contact the customer support to get directions.

Grinh.Com Reviews

On the pharmacy official website, I did manage to locate numerous reviews. The reviews looked good. There was not even a single negative comment from all their users even after the pharmacy having served more than a million customers. I have captured a couple of the reviews I found below:

Grinh.Com Testimonials

Matthew who ordered his meds from while in the United States shares his experience and says that the delivery was OK. Simona who also lives in the US says that after dealing with other online pharmacies, she has never been happy until she used the services offered by Grinh.Com. She says that the services are great. Her order was delivered on time and everything was perfect.

Kaiman placed his order while in the UK. He found the process of ordering at Grinh.Com being easy. His order got processed quickly. Smith from the UK reports that he had a great experience while dealing with Grinh.Com.

The fact that no one has written a negative review about gave me confidence that shopping on this pharmacy would be safe. For a pharmacy to be in business for more than a decade and a half and still maintain a clean record, it has to be offering high-quality services and products.

Grinh.Com Reviews 2018

Since the reviews I found on the official Grinh.Com site had no date, I could not determine which year they were written. However, as I had mentioned earlier, the pharmacy did not have any negative testimonials. Here are some more reviews for the drugstore:

Grinh.Com User Feedback

Dorothy who resides in Andorra reports that she enjoyed excellent service. Her order was dealt with efficiently. She enjoyed great value for her money and good prices. Samuel from Irish France is happy with the shipping process. His products are always delivered quickly. He has actually been using Grinh.Com for several years now. Sarah from Spain says that she appreciates the courteous service offered by Grinh.Com. Her product was delivered quickly to her. Coupon Codes

I got interested in determining whether it was possible to get any discounts from Grinh.Com using a coupon code. I searched the internet for Grinh.Com coupons but I came up empty-handed. I, therefore, headed to Grinh.Com website to see whether there were any coupons available on the official website. Again, I could not find any coupons. However, when I added one of their products to the cart, I noticed some pretty great offers. I have captured them below:

Grinh.Com Offers

The first thing I noticed is that I had the chance to get free pills. I could choose between 10 Viagra pills, 10 Cialis pills, or 10 Levitra pills. The site also offered me a chance to decline their free bonus. To do this I would have to just select no bonus.

The second offer was in the form of shipping. As long as the meds I had ordered were worth more than 200 dollars, the pharmacy would ship my meds for free using Airmail shipping. If my order exceeded 300 dollars, I would get free EMS shipping. Grinh.Com would give me a 10% discount if my order exceeded $200.


Grinh.Com is a pharmacy you can trust. The pharmacy reviews prove this. Grinh.Com offers both brand and generic drugs, also, the pharmacy has a big catalog. This can explain the reason the pharmacy has already served more than 1 million customers. Although the pharmacy lacked a live support chat, the drugstore made up for this using its customer care phone numbers and contact page. The prices for all the drugs available at are very low. This makes the drugstore affordable to anyone.