Generic-Market.Net Review – A Cheap Drugstore with a High Possibility of Being Rogue

Generic-Market.Net is an online pharmacy that is not online anymore. The Generic Market website captured on web archives did not indicate when the pharmacy was established. However, the drugstore seems to have been online up to the year 2016. The site was Selling FDA-Approved Medications only. I could not locate controlled medications on the drugstore website. The store appeared to have been selling medication to a large number of people from different countries. This is because the store had already invested in a language changing feature on its website and it also had numerous currencies.

Generic Market had numerous medications on its website. These included Anti-Alcohol medications, weight loss pills, anxiety medications, hair loss meds, hormones, herbal medications, cholesterol meds, muscle relaxants, stop smoking, penis enlargement, eye care, erectile dysfunction, birth control, mental disorder meds, cancer medications, blood pressure medications, and others. The pharmacy had medications for almost every health complication.

The drugstore was selling medications at an affordable price. I checked the price for the erectile dysfunction medications. A pill of generic Viagra was worth 0.36 dollars. Men looking to treat erectile dysfunction using tadalafil could get a pill of generic Cialis at a price of only 0.70 dollars. A pill of generic Levitra was being sold at a price of only 0.93 dollars. Brand Viagra was worth only 2.45 dollars per pill. Brand Cialis was being sold at a price of only 2.70 dollars per tablet. This is a significant price reduction when you consider that brand Viagra and brand Cialis are worth 70 dollars in the local pharmacies.

The pharmacy was accepting payments via credits, wire transfer, and bitcoin. The accepted credit cards on the drugstore included VISA and Mastercard. The credit card method would have been most appealing to me if I was purchasing medications from the drugstore. This is because buyers who use credit cards to pay for medications online are usually protected by the fact that they can dispute the charges made to the credit cards if they fail to receive their medications.

The pharmacy was shipping medications via two main shipping methods. These were the trackable courier service and International unregistered airmail. The trackable courier service was taking about 5 to 9 days before the medications got delivered. The international Unregistered airmail took longer. Buyers had to wait for about 14 to 21 days before the medications arrived.

To contact Generic Market pharmacy, buyers could fill out a contact form available on the drugstore website contact page. I could not locate a live chat option or any phone numbers that buyers could have used to call the pharmacy in case of an emergency. Also, the pharmacy was not clear on how long buyers would have to wait before they got a reply.

Generic-Market.Net Reviews

I could not find Generic-Market.Net testimonials on a third-party website. When I tried to load the testimonials page available on the drugstore official website captured on the web archives, it failed to load. However, the drugstore did have some few reviews on the bottom of its main page in the archives. As usual, the onsite testimonials were positive. Adam got great customer service. He even wished that there were more online pharmacies like Jacqueline and Mark were also happy. Mark B celebrated receiving his meds quickly.

Since onsite reviews are not always trustworthy, I had to find another way to gauge performance. I decided to use website scanning programs. The first program I used is Here are the results that I got:

Generic-Market.Net Legit Script Report

Generic Market did not appear to be a pharmacy that satisfied the requirements of an online drugstore for it to be considered as being genuine. The pharmacy was labeled as a rogue pharmacy by Legit Script. This means that buying medications from the pharmacy would have been unsafe. A buyer could have received fake meds or nothing after already having paid for the medications. The next program I used is Scam Adviser. I have captured the results that I got below:

Generic-Market.Net Scam Adviser Report

Scam adviser did not indicate where the pharmacy is located. This means that the drugstore was hiding its physical location. Pharmacies which offer high-quality services will never hide their physical location. Generic Market had an above average safety rating. However, this rating is not good enough for a website that focuses on offering medications and handling people’s money. A drugstore should have a 100% safety rating. Scam Adviser indicated that Generic-Market.Net had a malware on its website. This means that using the website to perform online transactions was not a very good idea.

Generic-Market.Net Reviews 2018

I could not find any testimonials written in 2018 by customers who had sourced their meds at Generic-Market.Net. The pharmacy may have disappeared from the internet long before 2018. Below, I have captured the result I got after searching the drugstore domain address on another scam detecting program known as

Generic-Market.Net Report

According to, buying from Generic-Market.Net is not recommended. The program even discouraged browsing on the website. The website did not appear to be popular at all. It did not have many visitors. Popular online pharmacies usually have a large number of visitors who shop from them on a regular basis.

Generic-Market.Net Coupon Codes

Unlike most online pharmacies which try to attract more customers using coupon codes, Generic Market did not have any of them. I have come across a large number of online pharmacies which have offers on their cart page. I tried adding some pills to the cart to see whether any of these offers were available. Since the official Generic-Market.Net is not online anymore, I did not succeed in adding pills to the cart. The lack of coupon codes could have discouraged buyers from sourcing meds in the drugstore.


The evidence I managed to gather online about Generic Market shows that the pharmacy was not trustworthy. Except from scam adviser which offered the drugstore a safety rating of 65%, the other scanning programs I used showed that the drugstore is not trustworthy. However, the store had some really nice prices. They were over 98% cheaper than what the local pharmacies sold the same medications. Also, the pharmacy had a wide catalog. This made it easier for buyers to find solutions to their health complications