– It’s More than Just a Hub for Cheap Meds is an online drugstore focused on selling mainly generic erectile dysfunction products to consumers wanting cheaper alternatives for exorbitantly priced brand-name drugs like Viagra (from Pfizer), Cialis (from Eli Lilly), and Levitra (from Bayer). This shop is alternatively called as Pharmacy Mall and it appears to hail from Canada, based on its accreditations from CIPA and MIPA, which are Canada-based organizations. However, to date, the store is redirecting to and I am not sure why.

There is limited information available on Cheap Pills but the shop mentioned that it has been around for long (since 1997) and in fact has catered to about 1 million customers worldwide. It only mostly generic products, although the shop also had a number of brand name treatments for medicines without the corresponding generic counterparts. Best-selling products on Cheap Pills include the following items:

  • Viagra (generic): $0.27 each tablet
  • Cialis (generic): $0.68 each tablet
  • Clomid (generic): $0.44 each tablet
  • Prednisone (generic): $0.30 each tablet

As for prescriptions, customers need not provide the prescriptions for these items – they can order any of these products since these medicines are generally safe to use and are not classified as illegal substances.

Besides the low prices, Cheap Pills also offer free pills and free shipping to consumers able to meet certain conditions on the store. For instance, consumers with orders exceeding $200 are entitled to free regular shipping (15-30 days). Regular shipping costs $9.95 while express shipping costs $19.95 for buyers unable to satisfy the provisions on the shop.

Payments accepted by Cheap Pills include credit card payments via VISA and MasterCard.

Returns are prohibited on Cheap Pills, but the shop grants refunds and reshipments in case of order damages, lost orders, incomplete orders, and incorrect orders, as long as the consumers will reach out to the store’s support team (through messaging and phone calls). Reviews

In order to clarify if the consumers were indeed able to receive their orders from Cheap Pills or if they were able to use effective medicines from the store, I checked reviews available for the store. Fortunately, I was able to find a few reports from the shop’s former consumers:

Cheap Pills Testimonials
Cheap Pills Testimonials

Cheap Pills reviews were surprisingly positive and reflected buyer satisfaction for its services and products. According to Dorothy (from Andorra), Cheap Pills was able to deal with her inquiries very efficiently. Apart from the good customer support, she also appreciated the store’s good prices for the products, which equated to greater value for her money.

Samuel, another client, also testified that Cheap Pills was a good store to use for his pills. According to him, the shop kept him abreast concerning his order’s progress, that’s why he was confident about receiving his order until he actually received the package.

No negative reports for Cheap Pills exist on the web, which means that the shop was reliable and safe to use by consumers. Reviews 2018

More Cheap Pills reviews were available even for the present year. Two of the most recent reports for Cheap Pills include these reports below:

Cheap Pills Testimonials
Cheap Pills Testimonials

The present reviews for Cheap Pills are as excellent as the past reports for the website. The reviews above indicate the buyers’ continuous support for Cheap Pills – according to Piter (from Italy), he will reorder from the store given its pleasing customer service and its reliable delivery.

Barbara also attested to the excellent service from Cheap Pills. According to her, her order came earlier than anticipated, therefore she’s 100% satisfied.

All in all, the reports for Cheap Pills are satisfactory and indicative of its reliable service and effective products. Coupon Codes

Although Cheap Pills did not have coupon codes available for its consumers, the shop had several offers in store for its consumers:

Free Pills and Free Shipping from Cheap Pills
Free Pills and Free Shipping from Cheap Pills

Cheap Pills is offering the following deals:

  • Free shipping – customers are entitled to free regular shipping when their orders exceed $200
  • Free pills – all buyers of Cheap Pills are given complimentary pills (although more pills are given to consumers with larger orders)
  • Additional discount – orders exceeding $200 are also given another 10% off

Conclusion is an online pharmacy with a focus on selling generic medical products with the best prices online. Although some consumers were initially skeptical of Cheap Pills, all of the Cheap Pills clients were very much pleased with the outcome of their Cheap Pills transactions and most (if not all) will order again given the opportunity. All in all, Cheap Pills is a recommendable store.