Review – Used to Be a Good Website for Purchasing Cheap Indian Drugs

Canadian Pharmacy 247 was an online pharmacy that existed on the web since 2004 but unfortunately, its site is no longer available and is now closed. It sold affordable medicines to many people around the world and was known to sell generic medicines or cheaper versions of costly drugs which local pharmacies sold. By selling generic medications, Canadian Pharmacy 247 was able to help many people save money, as much as 70% from their usual medicine expenditures. Canadian Pharmacy 247 very well knew the benefits that the generic meds can give to its customers since these drugs worked similarly to their branded counterparts. Generic meds have the exact same components and active ingredients as the branded ones which meant that taking them will give the users the same results. Canadian Pharmacy 247 allowed its clients to take advantage of the benefits of generic medicine purchase and use, helping many people save money and get well while it was still in operation.

No one knows exactly what happened to the site Canadian Pharmacy 247, why it no longer exists and why it just suddenly disappeared. Prior to becoming inaccessible, Canadian Pharmacy 247 didn’t leave any notice or announcement on its site for its clients which left many of them scratching their heads in confusion. Checking its domain name will only give the users a blank page which means that the IP address of its site might have already been disabled. One possible reason why Canadian Pharmacy 247 is no longer in operation is that its site was forcefully closed down. There could have been no way for the site to just suddenly disappear when business was good. The groups that might be behind the shutdown of Canadian Pharmacy 247 were various international government agencies which were funded by corporate drugstore chains and pharmaceutical companies.

Online pharmacies like Canadian Pharmacy 247 were great alternatives used by many people in order for them to save big on their medicines. But their popularity on the web also caught the attention of large drugstore chains who have started losing profit due to the significant decrease in the number of customers. To prevent further loss, these big companies have made a move and launched a campaign to close these web-based drugstores down. And since Canadian Pharmacy 247 simply disappeared without a trace, it might be among the many internet drugstores whose operations have been terminated. Aside from this angle, there are still other theories regarding the closing down of Canadian Pharmacy 247 but so far this is the closest one.

It’s just regrettable that Canadian Pharmacy 247 is no longer available since it didn’t only sell cheap medicines but it also sold quality drugs. The manufacturers of its pharmaceutical products were companies which are located in countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, India, and New Zealand. These countries have the same stringent standards in medicine quality such as that in the US but since medicine prices, there were so much different than in the US, Canadian Pharmacy 247 simply made a way for these drugs to be accessible and available to the customers that needed them. The medicines which were offered by Canada Pharmacy 247 were all approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as effective and safe just like the medicines which can be bought locally.

As an online pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy 247 also had a good reputation since it was a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA). These were the certifications that proved that it was a legitimately operating Canada-based online pharmacy that sells safe and genuine meds. Its disappearance from the web was a huge loss to many people who have already depended on it as their medicine source but there was nothing more that can be done to get its site back. There was no other choice left for the customers but to look for other reliable medicine sources on the web. Reviews

Due to the lack of third-party reviews for Canadian Pharmacy 247, what we will be checking are its on-site reviews. Third-party reviews could have been better as this kind testimonials give an unbiased and transparent view about the site, something that is not found on on-site reviews which are often overly-positive. The reviews below should not be taken as 100% genuine as these might just have been fabricated by the site to look convincing and appealing to its customers.

Canadian-pharmacy-247 User Reviews

John, a customer from Sweden admits that he was at first hesitant with ordering meds online but his hesitation turned into confidence after ordering his medicines from Canadian Pharmacy 247. He had a good experience as his medicines were delivered and were also effective when he used them.

What Nathan from the UK was impressed about was the quick delivery of his orders from Canadian Pharmacy 247. It only took 7 days for his medicines to arrive and because of this experience, he gave the site recommendations.

The safe and secure delivery of his orders were the reason for the review given by Eric, a customer of Canadian Pharmacy 247 from Spain. He was out of town but when he arrived back home, he found that his orders were intact and also had free bonus pills included. Reviews 2018

Since Canadian Pharmacy 247 is already closed, there are no longer any new reviews for the site. Users will find some reviews on the web about its site but these reviews were from years before and not recent. The only way to access the remaining information about Canadian Pharmacy 247 is to check its domain name on the web archives where there’s a total of 39 captures over the years. Coupon Codes

Canadian-pharmacy-247 Free Pills & Free Shipping

Customers of Canadian Pharmacy 247 were entitled to get free Viagra pills each time they order, regardless of the amount of their purchases. It also offered to waive the shipping fees for orders above $200 USD in amount to give their clients additional savings.


It’s just unfortunate that Canadian Pharmacy 247 is no longer available as it used to be a good website for purchasing cheap and quality drugs. Many of its customers were shocked by its sudden disappearance but there was nothing more that can be done except to look for a different source online. Our top list of recommended providers has the most reliable online pharmacies on the web so customers should check them out.