Can Wine Protect You From Sunburn?

There may be an additional benefit to drinking wine other than the ones we already know which are instant relaxation, a delightful tastebud explosion, and the high antioxidant content. So, for still being an alcoholic beverage, wine is pretty darn healthy as far as alcohol is concerned.

It’s certainly better for you than drinking hard liquor, beer and mixed drinks.  New research is showing that wine may be another food or beverage you can partake in that will actually give you the upper hand when it comes to your own internal sun protection factor.

This means that your body has a better chance at not getting sunburnt, because you have built up natural chemicals in your body that give you a better internal resistence to burning from UV expsoure. Consequently, you get less DNA damage and skin damage. You also have a dramatically decreased chance of developing  skin cancer.

Melanoma skin cancer is the most deadly form of skin cancer, and it is primarily caused or at the very least aggravated by sun exposure. When UV rays hit our skin, they cause DNA damage and mutated cells, which means “cancer” essentially.

Cancer is basically healthy cells that have been mutated due to exposure to environmental toxins, lifestyle habits such as smoking, or genetic inheritance or predisposition.

Wine contains natural chemicals called flavonoids, which are found abundantly in grapes – the primary ingredient in wine.  Drinking wine helps to boost your blood levels of these flavonoids, as well as other vital antioxidants, all of which help your skin avoid DNA (cell) damage from UV exposure.

Tomatoes are another food that can help give you an extra boost of “internal” sun protection.  There are actually more and more foods and drinks being identified that can help you develop a better internal defense against skin cancer and sun burn. It’s still essential to protect your skin with a natural sunblock (preferable because many commercial sunblocks are laced with harmful chemicals) when you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time.

We need sunlight. It is our single largest provider of vitamin D, which is a very important vitamin to the human body. It helps us maintain a strong immune system, and also has strong anti-cancer properties, making it invaluable.  So it’s best to eat foods that naturally protect you against too much sun exposure.