24med.net Review – Online Pharmacy That Can’t Be Trusted Blindly

24med.net is a Russian based online pharmacy that was established in 2002. This information I just shared with you was as a result of further research as this pharmacy claims to be a Canadian online pharmacy. This is, in fact, a red flag for me because, how can one trust a pharmacy that lied about its location? I guess, we would know soon enough. I went through their websites to see the category of drugs they offer and I found out that they sell numerous drugs that are used for numerous treatments. Some of them are or treating, cancer, urinary tract infections, lung disease, cardiovascular disease, allergy, erectile dysfunction, etc. Checking the erectile dysfunction category, I saw the brand and generics of the popular Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. I also saw the popular Kamagra and Suhagra. Now, at what price does this vendor sell them? Well, the brand Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra are sold by this vendor at $12.32, $11.31, and $9.56 per pill respectively. On the other hand, the generics of Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra go for $2.20, $1.32, and $1.10 per pill on this website. Similarly, Kamagra and Suhagra which are both Indian brand generics to Viagra are both sold at $1.72 per pill.

24med.net has claimed to be in accordance with the regulations of the US FDA. They claim to sell only WHO and FDA approved medicines. That said, if the drugs are truly FDA and WHO approved, it implies they are safe and effective. If you desire to purchase meds from this website, you should know the payment methods accepted. From my findings, Visa Electron, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and bank wire of E-checks.

Furthermore, to ship your order to your location; they employ Unregistered mail and trackable courier. The former costs only $10 and takes 14 to 21 days for orders to reach a destination, while the latter costs $50 but takes 7 to 9days to deliver. Please note that his vendor ships to all countries except Sweden, Finland, Belgium, and Austria.

I also checked for how customers could contact the support team of this pharmacy. They do not have a live chat service integrated with their website. Even though they hinted on their website that they do, they really do not. You can contact them by filling their contact us form or by simply calling them. The phone numbers displayed on their website which you can call them through are; US toll-free line +18664175821 and UK line +448704718431. They also have a general line +16462052937. I have made a screenshot of what their contact us form looks like. Here it is below.

24med.net Contact Us Form

In relation to their refund policy, this pharmacy guarantees a reshipment or full refund if the order is not received within the specified delivery time. They have not addressed other issues like ineffective products, damaged products, and receipt of the wrong product.

24med.net Reviews

I have checked everywhere online hoping to see trustable customer reviews of 24meds.net, but the only place I found a few reviews was on their website. It is important that you bear in mind that these reviews can’t be fully trusted as they can be adulterated or composed by the pharmacy itself since it is part of their website content. Very quickly, I’d share two of the reviews with you.

24med.net Customer Review

James from the United States seems to be totally satisfied with his experience buying his meds from 24med.net. He tells us that he ordered for Cialis, which worked effectively. He says I am “able to satisfy my wife.

24med.net Customer Review

Felix is the other reviewer here. He also ordered Cialis from this pharmacy. H commends their customer care team and the efficacy of the drug. He says “Just great” His comment implies that he was ultimately satisfied.

These on-site reviews portray 24med.net as a good pharmacy, but I doubt they could be trusted as this reviews do not seem genuine to me.

24med.net Reviews 2018

It is not enough to share reviews from the past with you, it is also important that I share with you specifically recent reviews that capture how trustable this pharmacy is at the moment. This would help in making a conclusion about the pharmacy regarding whether they could be trusted or not. The problem is I have found no reviews given in 2018. The reviews on their website lack dates, hence, I am unable to determine when they were uploaded.

Nevertheless, looking at the situation of a pharmacy that has been in existence for about 16 years yet lacks external reviews and has under ten on-site reviews. I must say, this vendor has a lot of homework to do regarding promotion. If customers don’t frequent a pharmacy, it is always evident in the lack of reviews and it is always better to try other pharmacies that have past and present positive reviews.

24med.net Coupon Code

Another thing I have not failed to check regarding 24med.net is the coupons they offer. I searched for coupons on external websites but came out short. Then I searched on their website as well, the only thing I saw was a promotion which they referred to as “seasonal sales”. Check the image below.

10% off
10% off

I saw this offer at the top of their website. It allegedly gives customers 10% off orders. However, I clicked on it and it led me nowhere. Similarly, there is no additional information about this offer; like when the so-called season sales would close.


24med.net appears to have great on-site reviews. They also have a quite impressive interface. However, I believe they can’t be fully trusted as a lot of things don’t add up. The live chat they claim to have is absent, the discount they claim to give is absent as well, and with up to 16 years of operation yet there are no reviews from external sources. It’s better you make use of another online pharmacy.