What is #BADG

Believe and Do Good (BADG) is a competition of compassion. This February muslim youth of Britain will gather in selflessness with fellow campus folk to give something back to their communities. That selflessness stops at the fact that they’ll be competing with one another by taking to the streets to…

  • Feed the Homeless
  • Donate Blood
  • Clean the Community
  • Do a creative act of Good
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Are you worthy of selflessness?

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Do you need motivation?

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How do you get involved?

All you have to do to get involved is have a warm heart and sign up. You will receive a package from us, and all the assistance you need to set up your BADG campaign. A dedicated representative from your region will guide you all the way. You can be an ISOC or any group from across the UK to receive the package and be part of the competition – apologies to non-UK people, we just can’t deliver to you at this time. But you still can do all the great acts of good we’re doing.

What comes in the package?

• 15 T shirts
• 15 Wristbands
All items are free of charge (yes, we’re that nice). If you would like to have everything customized so that you’re ISOC/Group logo is on it too you have to pay the exact price of production, which is approximately £100 (wristbands cannot be customised) for the above listed. Please do not use the form below, instead contact info@believeanddogood.com

The serious, but not so serious bit: Guidelines

We have put together a set of guidelines for you to ensure that you are able to carry out the campaign correctly please download the PDF and read it carefully before beginning.

Click here to see the guidelines

Sign up now!

Now that you’ve bought into being a nice person please click the button below to fill out the form in order to receive your package.

Deadline for filling the form is the 31st of December 2016.

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Contact Information

For more information or for any questions please contact info@believeanddogood.com. For Media
services please contact media@believeanddogood.com.